Those Who Walked Before
Those who walked before
Dreamed as we dream
Desired as we desire
Loved as we love
Now they are but dust
in the fields of time
Having left imprints
Upon those to come
Can you hear
those voices of the past?
Calling out today
"Remember us"
"Remember what we did"
"Honor us with deeds
more noble."
"For someday,
you will be the ones
who walked before."

Comments: I had just finished watching Gladiator for about the third time. One of the scenes that always moves me is at the end when Maximus is reunited with his family in the afterlife. I began to think about all those human lives that existed before and the barbaric events that occurred and are still occurring. As I thought about what those souls would have to say after their physical journeys ended, the above poem began to evolve within my mind.

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