Airports are fascinating places
watching life darting by

Hurry! Hurry!
Seems to be the cattle call

Cell phones and beeping carts

Tall leggy blondes
and doddering old men

Suited businessmen
and smartly dressed women

A tall, thin Texan sits alone

The list goes on

What journeys are they making?

Where are they going?

The human drama plays on
while one keeps guessing


Comments: I love to sit in the airport between flights and watch. Sometimes I zero in on a particular person and wonder who he or she is. Since airline travel is seldom relaxing and often involves stress, you can gather a lot about an individual in just a few moments. Arrogance, reticence, joviality, you name the trait, they all appear at the airport. 











In Flight

High in the air looking out
into the horizon

The sun sets for the day

High above the clouds
glimpsing this nightly passage

Most oblivious to this magnificent event

A perfect sunset to end this journey


Comments: Have you ever noticed the make-believe drama that occurs on flights? The roles people play, trying to act and look like experienced travelers. Ignore the safety instructions, lest someone thinks you are new to flight. Don't look out the window too intently, lest someone thinks you are a tourist. On and on..... How much we miss playing our roles. 

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