12th Anniversary Issue of the Poetical Journal

I am leaving much of the content for your enjoyement. The pictures were taken in Las Vegas and the Midway area.

.Three Poems this Month

Let Go 2

Cease the struggling
    with that beyond control.
Storms will come.
The sun will shine.
Night will turn into day.
For that is the cycle of life.
Comment: This poem is titled number 2 because of an earlier one published a number of years ago. We waste so much time worrying about that we cannot control.



Life Bits

Layers of white
    high above
Layers of dark

Clear skies ahead

All know
    that turbulence awaits
    as we descend
    to land

Comment: Anyone who has flown as much as I have know that at times you run into rough weather. On this occasion the white cumulous clouds were above and the dark rainy ones below. The landing would be bumpy as we pass through the clouds. Now, think a deeper level regarding life. This poem definitely refers to that.



Peace, where art thou?

Peace eternal
    walks the land
    only asking
    for one to grasp her hand.

She’s so lonely at times
    with no one
    to share her bounteous gifts
    and infinite beauty.

She longs
    for an embrace–
    to become one
    with those who would seduce her.

Most ignore her entreaties,
    instead become consumed
    with lust and fealty toward
    painted harlots and youthful gigolos
    who bring sadness and emptiness.

She ceaselessly pleads,
    “I am yours
    for all who desire me.
Just yield to my embrace
    and experience the bounty
    of all that awaits.”

Comment: None needed.

Chocolate fountain in the Bellagio Hotel

Some of the resulting confections

On the Las Vegas Strip

Ice skating rink in downtown Midway

Terrain Park at Park City Mountain Resort

Grand Prix (pre-Olympic finals) in the PCMR Terrain Park–note the female jumper in the practice round.

World famous Chihuly glass display in the Bellagio
Section of the Bellagio floral display
On the strip

Vignette this Month: Sundance Film Festival Volunteer

The Sundance Film Festival celebrated its thirtieth year this January. It was the brainchild of Robert Redford and a group of directors and producers. The goal was to showcase films that were not produced by the big production companies. Many went on to be purchased and became nationally and internationally known, including films such as Deliverance and Little Miss Sunshine.

Before moving to Midway, Jan and I had visited the Park City area numerous times. We learned that one time you never tried to book a room was during the Sundance Film Festival. The primary reason was that there were none available, or if there was one, it would be at inflated rates. Since moving here we discovered that some residents leave during the festival and rent out their homes or rooms for the ten days for thousands of dollars. All that aside, we always wanted to be here during this world renown event. Thus, we decided to apply as a Sundance volunteer. We discovered that being selected as one of the 1800+ volunteers was an elaborate process including completing a comprehensive application in August, participating in a phone interview, and, if selected, completing a work schedule of at least four 6.5 hour work sessions. We made it, me largely because of Jan.

What a time we had assigned to two teams at Prospector Theater. Team members consisted of attorneys, educators, a ski instructor, a nurse, retirees, doctors, an accountant, and young people who traveled from all over the country to participate in this festival. One fellow was volunteering for the twentieth year. Many knew each other from previous years. Interacting with attendees, who to a tee were film enthusiasts, included many stimulating conversations. A favorite was with one of the producers. Being next to Robert Redford, a favorite personage of mine, was a thrill. William Macy and Anne Hathway attended showings as well as less well-known actors and actresses. Three of my favorite films were Ivory Tower, Dear White People, 20000 Days, and Fishing Without Nets.

We hope to volunteer next year, being no longer rookies.

If you have a guest vignette you would like to submit, please do so. Not only will I enjoy reading it, but if agreeable with you and space permitting, I will print it in a future issue. The vignette should be written in paragraph form and relate a personal story or event. Equally important, it should fit the overall tenor of this newsletter. Ideally, it should not exceed twenty lines. Please send to bob@poeticaljourneys.com.


Ice Castles: If you are in the Midway, UT area, visit the Ice Castle. There are also two others, one in Breckenridge, CO and Loon Mountain, NH.

Hot Chocolate: If you are suffering from the extreme winter cold, enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, knowing that this too shall also pass.

Good Karma Restaurant - Park City, UT: This is a favorite of mine. During the Festival, I ate there three times.

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Another section of the Bellagio floral display

On the Kamas Road

Puffs of white on the back run of Deer Valley Ski Area (taken from U.S. Rt. 40)

Steam rising off the Jordanelle Reservoir before freezing


The ice castle in Midway is a project that has taken months to build. Sections are over forty-feet tall. This picture was taken at night as we walked through the tunnels (hallways) and came out on to this large open section. The walls at night are lit with colored lights as evident in the picture. The full moon added to the beauty.

Some of the pinnacles of the Ice Castle in Midway, UT

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Enjoy a short two-minute clip on the ice castle. If it won't open for you go to this Youtube link.

Mountain stream still flowing

....................................................Winter has arrived in the Midway area.