Picture Title: Sailing off Maui

All pictures on my web sites are copyrighted. Traditionally, on Poetical Journeys I have not chastised anyone for illegally downloading and using the pictures for a variety of purposes such as screensavers. (In fact, in a sense, it was a compliment.) FYI though, modern technologically allows me to track each download as well as knowing the ISP of the individual who does the download. On these particular pages, illegally downloading any pictures and using for your personal purposes will result in you receiving a bill through my attorney. I learned the hard way. Early on I downloaded a picture that I thought was free. Two years later I received a certifed letter with a bill for $2,000+. With the bill was the exact time and day I did the download. I had to hire an attorney, and we settled out of court. I only tell you this so you are aware of the difficulties that can occur with less good-natured persons than myself. If you want to download a picture to show a friend or use as a temporary screensaver, simple email me with the request.

But if you want to have it printed or enlarged, below are the fees including shipping within the U.S. or Canada. For other countries, please email me for costs.

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