Enjoy early fall in the Midway area of Utah


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    Fall arrived early in Utah (early September)
    Opening Comments from Bob

Autumn arrived early in September. The colors continued to change throughout the month as well as October. While the temperatures remained mild, the colors were especially intense this year, partly because of the late summer rains. Pictures focus on that beauty. I hope the poems Water from Heaven, Time, and Another Lesson speak to you, even if only to make you fill good.

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.Three Poems


Water from Heaven

The draught vanishes
      as dry stream beds
      become raging torrents.
On the hillside
      cactus flower
      to close when normalcy returns.
Those used to sunshine and heat
      dance in the bucolic shower.

The sprinklers spray and spurt
      oblivious to the falling rain.
Mountains hide in dark shrouds
      blind for a day.

For the moment
      the dry earth is quenched.
Weeks will pass
      before the life-giving water returns.

The dancers’ steps slow
      waiting for the moments
      to mount their bikes
      or put on their hiking shoes
      to savor the renewed earth.

Comment: When I wrote this poem, there had been little rain. However, the brief showers I wrote about continued making August and September two of Utah's wettest months. The wetness allowed the deep reds on the trees to come into full fruition.


Seated, sipping,
      the Swiss chimes
      ring their melody.
It’s 90º.
      Time to ride.

Comment: Another piece capturing the moment. Written while at the Galleria.

Autumn Breakfast at the Galleria

Alone, no one willing
      to brave the chill.
On days of warm
      the tables fill with patrons–
      a boisterous buzz in the air.

Soon Jessica delivers the steaming tea
      that warms the bones.
Across the street
      Swiss chimes announce
      the arrival of 9 a.m.

A brisk ride to follow
      where thoughts of summer return
      despite the snow powdering the peaks
      hinting of the deep cold to come.

As with life,
      no matter how hard one tries to change,
      the seasons come and go.

Comment: Obviously, the poem is more than about an autumn ride.

Hanging baskets were glorious in Park City


Wild grass along Empire Pass


I stopped to take a picture of two wild turkeys. Instead one jumped up on the car hood. We finally had to shoo him off.


The colors on Empire Pass were so intense we thought we were in Vermont.


Seated with hot tea at the Cafe Galleria where many of my Utah poems begin

Taken on Empire Pass in early September (A favorite picture of mine. I have had it enlarged.)

So many reds and oranges, unusual

Park City Mountain Resort–summer sled run among the trees (The resort is now owned by Vail Corporation.)


Flowers still blooming (These pictures were taken in my yard one fall day.)

Aspens on Empire Pass near the Midway Reservoir

Vignette: Savoring

One of the obvious advantages to having moved on (retired) is the option to slow down and take a day, two, or more to explore. Some argue that you take a lifetime. This exploration may be external or internal and may come at a price, monetarily or personally. Sometimes the cost is great and other times barely a penny. Traveling the world, learning about other cultures, enriches lives as well as adds excitement. But the inward times are what really change lives. Sipping a cup of tea has opened my life to many venues as I write, watch, and think. Tai chi and yoga can bring a quietness inward that makes one want to explode with joy. Of course, love is the ultimate high. A hug from my two-year granddaughter becomes immeasurable.

For those who have not reached the "move on" stage, that fact does not need to stand in the way of learning to appreciate moments that cannot be recaptured if you let them pass. Savoring can bring you magnificent memories. A few for me include going weekly to the movies with my son when he was in middle school, being in the presence of the Dalai Lama, sitting on the bow of sailboat watching Bastille fireworks in French Polynesia, laughing with Janice, and of course time with my granddaughter Peyton.

If you have time, please send me a few of your great moments.


Take some time!: Many spend their lives busy focusing on what is discovered as trivia. Many decades passed before I learned to savor rather than devour. Actually, I am still working at it. Why not give it a try this month.

A Lesson on Perspective: Unbelievable!

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Section of mountain on Rt. 40 headed toward Park City

On Rt. 189 to Provo–aspens turning yellow

Panoramic view on a late September ride. The colors were just beginning to change on this section of the mountains. In the foreground are the rails to the scenic railroad. Deer Creek Reservoir is visible in the distance.


Despite the clouds and rain, still a beautiful scene


.........................................................Aspens have begun to change

...........................................American Fork Canyon National Park – Love the view of peaks behind the aspens

...........................................American Fork Canyon National Park – Slightly different angle

Aspens beginning to turn



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