Wildflowers in Utah along with some surprises!



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Wildflower time
Opening Comments from Bob

This Page: We stick close to home, focusing on the magnificent array of wildflowers that cover the mountain slopes in July. Most of the shots, but not all were taken at Albion Basin, Alta, UT. Exceptions are noted including two pictures of some of my tai chi students. The three poems are Tranquillity, Far Too Often, and Return to V & M. One and three are rather lighthearted while two is very serious. The vignette is about a great educator and friend. The recommendation is for a restaurant in Ohio.

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.Three Poems


The sky possesses
    a deep Western blue
    with cumulus and contrails
    offering contrasting white.

High in the mountains
    the heat from far below
    has transformed
    into cool comfort.

Whether hiking the trail,
    drifting in the current–
    pole in hand,
    or sitting, peering out
    on to the lake,
    peace reigns.

Comments: No explanation needed. Two pictures to the right inspired the poem.

Far Too Often

It is an ordinary day.
The sun rises.
Coffee is brewed.
Kisses are exchanged
    while both love and hate
    walk the land.

In an old Charleston church
    filled with praise,
    a blind, uneducated demon
    enters through sacred doors.
He is welcomed
    with open arms.
In mere seconds
    the songs are replaced
    with weeping and silence.

In the days to follow
    voices of horror cry out.
Platitudes are spoken.
Pleas for change and understanding
    fall on desensitized, deaf ears.

Money always speaks.
Will anything really change?

Another ordinary day.

Comment: Yes, the confederate flag came down, but . . . You interpret from there.

Return to V & M

    done just right–
    old ambiance melds into the new.
I am seated,
    watching the regulars pass by.
Soon, Two-Beard
    hobbles in–
    many offer greetings.
Slim Red approaches
    and reminds me,
    “Don’t forget, my mother
    would love to see you.”
Owner Shawn comes over
    and shakes my hand.
We chat awhile
    about the new appearance.

Carol delivers my oatmeal and toast
    cooked to perfection,
    neither too dry nor too watery,
    perfect with brown sugar and raisins.

Fly Fishing asks,
    “How are they biting
    in the Land of Oz?”

Doesn’t familiarity add a bit
    of joy to life?

Comment: Upon my recent return to Ohio to visit mom and family, I had to stop by my old haunt, V & M Restaurant, where many a poem started. A "perfect" remodeling had occurred. I enjoyed seeing all the familiar faces. (Please see my recommendation below.)

Relaxing and fishing at Silver Lake


Looking out on to Silver Lake


Above and below, wildflowers at Albion Basin, Alta, UT



Enjoying V & M Restaurant and its famous fish sandwich


The ;pictures of wildflowers were primarily taken at Albion Basin in Alta, UT
(Most pictures that follow will have no captions unless otherwise noted.)


Vignette this Month: Johan

In the eighties I was one of two American teachers to win a teaching Fulbright to New Zealand. Upon notification I discovered I would be living in Palmerston North, a university city–home to Massey University and also known as the Rose City. The school to which I was assigned was Palmerston North Intermediate School (similar to a U.S. university school). Upon my arrival I met my headmaster, Johan Bonnevie, a rather formal but welcoming individual in his fifties. As I would discover later, he was a well-known educator throughout New Zealand. He had a vision for his school that was a model that forever changed my educational career. Many of his ideas were later carried back to the U.S. and implemented in the schools in which I taught and later administrated.

As I came to know this man during the year I was there, I discovered that as a teenager he served heroically in the Norwegian Underground during World War II; traveled by ship following the war to settle in a new homeland in which he fell in love; while in transit he met a ship hostess Sigga whom he later proposed to and married, spending over fifty years with her; and developed an exemplar school known throughout the country for integrating Maui studies into the daily curriculum. More importantly to me, we became lasting friends.

This past month Johan turned 90. My dear friend Johan, Happy Birthday! Thank you that our journey paths crossed.

(To read a poem which I wrote during the celebration of their 50th Wedding Anniversary, click here.)



V & M Restaurant, Bellville, OH: I have eaten at this local establishment for years. Many a poem started here while at my favorite table. Whenever I return to Ohio, I try to eat there at least once. My favorite V & M dining times are breakfast or the Friday night fish fry. Owner Shawn runs a very efficient ship. Many of the staff have worked there for years. Mostly locals populate the dining tables. If you want the local flavor and are in the area, stop by and enjoy some good food. Tell Shawn I sent you.

Please also take a look at the online book and gift page.

Owner Shawn talking with customers



Silver Lake, UT: The lake is located at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon. In summer, the lake is a great place for an easy and beautiful hike. During the winter it becomes part of the Solitude Nordic Center system of cross-country skiing trails.


Heber City, UT: The Wasatch County Fair is a big deal including a 80+ minute parade. Here is a collage of just a few of the participants.
I thought you might enjoy seeing participants in two of my tai chi classes.


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