Most of the pictures are of a small Zen garden in the back of our townhouse.

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This Page – Issue 7: Sunday, August 25, 2021 (240th Issue)


Back fence to Jan's Zen Garden

Opening Comments from Bob

This Issue: The pictorial section has changed focus twice during this month. Originally, you were to view pictures taken on our trip to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. That trip was canceled. Then I decided I would feature pictures taken in Arches and Canyonland National Parks. That trip was canceled. Why? Smoke. In fact, it was so bad we were encouraged for several days not to be outdoors. Perhaps some other time those pictures will grace this newsletter. Left in a quandary, I decided to be creative. Though the pictures are not as awesome as planned, I decided to share with you scenes from the Zen garden my wife created in a small plot behind our townhouse. The poems are deeper ones, Power Within and Cycle. The vignette discusses QUILLS.

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Unless otherwise noted, all the pictures are of the Garden my wife Janice created.

Two Poems this Month

Power Within

What power
   longs to escape
   from the seedling
   though ignored by all?
Even varmints,
   looking for a quick snack,
   remain blind to its presence
   as the wind playfully
  tumbles it over and over.
Decades ago,
   a distance relative
   fell into a small crevice.
It too was ignored.
Days turned into weeks
   and weeks into years
   as a tree slowly emerged,
   no longer oblivious
   to the now split mountain granite.
Tonight, the offspring,
   like whirling dervishes,
   search for new homes.

Comments: Pictured to the right is the results of a once ignored seedling. It reminds me of the Biblical quote regarding the "faith of a mustard seed."




The hawk flies high above
   searching for its pray.
The chipmunk far below
   oblivious to the impending doom
Life moves on.
Life ends.
Nature’s way.
All the prayers in the world
   cannot end the cycle.



I am always amazed to see a tree growing from a rock.

Utah Poet Laureate Paisley Rekdal speaking at a writers conference I attended.

Some of Utah's wildlife displayed in the small museum at the edge of our town




Vignette this Month: QUILLS

What? QUILLS is the official name of the League of Utah's ( (LUW) annual writers conference which I had the privilege to attend on August 13-15. When I was younger, I participated in such conferences regularly. Though I have been a member of LUW for the majority of the eight years I have lived in Utah, this is the first writers event I have attended. It was well-organized and intellectually stimulating. I learned a great deal and was exposed to a number of new marketing concepts. Listening to Utah Poet Laureate Paisley Rekdal's presentation was as they say, "worth the price of admission." (Paisley is pictured in the poetry section.) I won't bore you with details from the many workshops though you will unknowingly be experiencing them in this and future issues. Based on my observations, the future of writing in this state is in excellent hands. I will also add that at the next conference my name will appear as "Grandpa Bob" or perhaps "Great Grandpa Bob."




Take time savor Nature's beauty.

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