We again continue our pictorial tour in sunny, warm Maui. However, there are a few winter shots taken after our return to Utah.

This page taken from PJ VOLUME XVIII – Issue 3: Sunday, April 28, 2019 (212th Issue)



Quiet moments on a small Maui beach

Opening Comments from Bob

This Page: We continue our pictorial visit (Part 3) to Maui. The two poems, Perspective. and Magnificent Mystery are serious, speaking to areas you may have also questioned. The vignette, mostly in poetical form this month, speaks in a sense to the mystery of time.

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Above and Below: Cove shots on the Maui western coast.


Two Poems


Me: We miss the sound of the roaring Pacific.
  ..  The beach is a fifteen-minute drive.
Another: No heat! Now 51 degrees in the house.
  ....... .  A blizzard outside. Will I survive?

Me: The screen door sticks.
   ... Really a poor design!
Another: Thank God, there is a bridge overhead.
  ....... .   At least I am partially dry.

Me: Chicken again!
   ... Aren’t there other options.
Another: Wow! I found this half eaten chicken leg
  ....... .   in the garbage.
  ....... .  Is it safe to eat? I am so hungry.

Me: Another headache!
   ... Will they ever stop.
Another: Goodbye, My Love. I can no longer fight
  ....... .   the good fight.
  ....... .   The cancer wins.
  ....... .  I know I will join my Creator tonight.
  ....... .  Oh, to have had more time with you!

We sometimes bemoan
   ... lacking perspective.
So ethnocentric
   ... we can be.

Comment: None needed.


The Magnificent Mystery

We breathe in and out
   ... sometimes wondering about existence.
Many seldom question
   ... assuming they have the answers.
But some ask
   ... while marveling at this majestic gift
   ... called “Life,”
“Why is I, me?”
“Why do I tear
   ... when my heart is touched?”
“How do you explain love?”
Or, perhaps should we just live it?
“Where do thoughts start
   ... and end?”
“What does eternity
   ... and infinity really mean?”
Surely, there must be an end.
Many questions
   ... yet to be answered.
For now,
   ... I simply breathe in and out.

Comments: You interpret.


Enjoying tai chi near the beach


Steps to Honolua Beach


"The silvery hairs, fleshy leaves, and low-growing rosette form of the Haleakala silversword allow it to survive in hot, dry climates of the cinder slopes of the crater. Silverswords live between 3 and 90 years or more. They flower once, sending up a spectacular flowering stalk, and then die soon afterward, scattering drying seeds to the wind."

Above and Below: Two more cove shots


Above and Below: Shots of Fleming Beach


This Month's Vignette: The vignette this month is in poetry form.

Peer into HistoryMom & I

Who is this young woman
   ... dressed in 40s style
   ... holding a young boy
   ... barely six-weeks old?
The picture only hints
   ... of the years to come–
   ... arrival of three daughters
   ... still unknown
   ... and seventy-five years
   ... yet to unfold.
   ... with a myriad of stories
   ... still to be told.

Following my mother's passing, we spent many hours going through old pictures. I came across this one. My mother is twenty, and I am 4 weeks old. As I looked at the picture, I thought of this momentary shot in history, my mother unaware of all that would pass in the seventy-five years to follow before she joined her creator–the arrival of three daughters, many years of happiness with my father who was twenty years her senior and who passed in 1986, and much more. Life is so fascinating!


Above and Below: Haleakala Crater, over 10,000 feet above sea level


Beach at Honolua-Mokuleia Bay

Honolua Bay, a popular surfing area on the west coast

Western coastline on Maui


La Provence: This small French restaurant is in Upcountry near Kula. Though a bit hidden the word is out as you often have to wait. It attracts many locals. This restaurant has limited hours: Breakfast: Wed-Fri 8:30a-11a; Lunch: Wed-Fri 11:30a-2p; Brunch: Sat&Sun 9:00a-2p; and Dinner: Wed-Sun 5:00p-9p. IMPORTANT NOTE: Cash or check only










Wailuku Coffee Company, Wailuku: Dine among the locals in this health-conscious restaurant on Market Street in this off the beaten tourist track community. Sip and enjoy at a leisurely pace.

Please take a look at the gift page.


Enjoy this less than a mile hike on the way or back from a visit to the Haleakala Crater.


A must trip when on Maui. Head up Mt. Haleakala, the major volcano that created the Island of Maui. (Clockwise) The road
up was gorgeous,with the clouds below. At the summit are all the high tech items including communication equipment.
100 miles away you can see the 2 major volcanoes on the Big Island. You can also choose to hike, some of the trails
rather difficult.


Looking toward Ka'a Point on a small, uncrowded beach in Wailuku

Kanaha Beach in Wailuku.



BELOW: Views that awaited our return home. Midway, UT area

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