ALSO INCLUDES OTHER ISLANDS including Oahu, the Big Island, and Kauai


There are many poems on this enchanted island.

Below are mine. I hope you enjoy.

My Secluded Beach

The Hula

Maui Emergency Rm.

Maui Senses

Attending Worship


Levianthans of the Sea

A Question?

The Grass and the Sea

New Maui Day

Worship in Makena

A Respite...Lavender



Grass and Stone

A Life Snapshot

Gifts from Mau'i


Returning to the Primal

Visit with Ali'i

At Kahanu Garden-Hana
Resting by the Sea Clouds over Maui Tai Chi on Maui Morning
My Sinning at Komodo Bakery Meditation Room Thompson Road 2
Makena Beach A Life Perspective Homeless Beach Chair
Windsurfers Rhythms of Nature Beach Artistry
A Cottage for the Senses Worship at Keawala'i The Long Haul
The Dance of Tai Chi #2 Taking...Hawaiian Waters Typical Maui Morning
Tai Chi in Pardise A Walk in Upcountry If Only
Ahh. . . Early Morning Visual Pausing
The Lahaina Banyan Tree In Worship Homeward to Hawai'i
The Mountaineer Baby Beach The Union
Makena Beach 2 Pastor Paul Prized Possesion
Prized Possession Will We Ever Learn Too Long
Too Long Day 1 What the world needs now . . .
Magical Not the Same Lahaina United Methodist Church
Perspective The Magnificent Mystery The Eternal Leaf
Facebook Friend Paradise Lost Island Questions
Thoughts on a Birthday Eve    


Page 1 includes the following poems: Waikiki, Aloha, Fabled Waikiki, and Hey Joe.
Page 2 has the following poems: Waikiki Morning, Arrival to Aloha, and Rock-a-Bye Baby.
Page 3 contains the following poems: Nature's Way, Unknown at the Punchbowl, and Modern Air to Hawaii.
Page 4 is a combination of the content from March, 2015 newsletter. The poems are Nature's Way, Unknown at the Punchbowl, and Modern Air to Hawaii.
Page 5 is a mixed page including Oahu, Maui, and the Big Island. The Oahu poem is Throw Away.
Big Island
Page 5 Poems - Mokuaikaua Church and A Moment of "Why?"
Page 6 Poems - The Eternal Leaf and Dr. Paul Lam

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