These poems were written during visits to the Islands, one of my favorite places in the world. Not only are there poems but also pictures and recommendations. Should you use any of the recommendations, please let me know if you also found the experience enjoyable. - Bob (Click here to email commnets.)

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Waikiki, Aloha, Fabled Waikiki, & Hey Joe (Plus many more poems)

Waikiki & Oahu

Waikiki & Oahu


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Tai Chi on Kauai, The Joy of Poetry, and A Proposal

Heritage, A Sad Tale, and Another Lesson (2014)



Kauai 2



Kauai 2


Mokuaikaua Church & A Moment of "Why?"

The Eternal Leaf and Dr. Paul Lam

Big Island 1

Big Island 2

Big Island 1

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