The Journey of Life
Series 1
Finding an apartment
Oh such a challenge.
Deciding where to locate,
How to furnish and decorate,
Definitely piquing the mind.

Discovering a home
Oh such a challenge.
The inner place where the soul can rest.
Where self receives the loving caress.
The realm not easily found.

So Pilgrim, as you make life's moves,
May your journey be compass true.
As you uncover where your soul abides,
Where peace, harmony, and love reside.
Oh such challenge.

Comments: The original version of the poem was emailed as an apartment warming gift to Kristy, one of our guest poets. Stanza 1 speaks to the traditional apartment hunt. Stanzas 2 and 3 go much deeper, speaking about our true homes, these shells called "the body" and the persons we are inside.
Cycle's End

At fifty-five I long for youth
The virility, the drive, the invincibility
Then, I chuckle and think again
Young again
Old again
Young again
All I will be
For centuries to come

Then someday
Perhaps eons away
I’ll forget these trivial thoughts
Caring no more
About youth and old age
United with the One, the eternal Love
The flame that always was within

Comments: This poem was my first one to be published. Obviously, it has an eastern flavor. One day, I was thinking and lamenting about "growing old," a common fret among many baby boomers. Then, I thought, how ridiculous! Whether you believe in reincarnation or simply accept the traditional western belief that you are here one time, the point is that our soul continues. Our physical lifetime or lifetimes are mere dots in the eternal timeline. (Excuse the linear analogy to such an infinite concept.)
Eternal Ones

Money, money, money
More, more, more
Me, me, me
Is the mantra of so many
Yearning, striving, climbing
Never finding satisfaction
What worth to gain the world?
A great teacher once asked
Giving, giving, giving
Caring, caring, caring
Loving, loving, loving
Peace, peace, peace
These, the eternal ones that last

Comments: A simple poem - no explanation necessary..

A Gentle Breeze

Why not live life like the gentle breeze?
Coming quietly, offering a refreshing breath.
Caressing all with whom you brush against.
Leaving delightful sensations of your visit

Comments: What a difference life would be!

Seated quietly
Trying to live in the moment
Clearing the mind of thought and deed
Hearing seeing nothing
Yet, no matter how I tried
The sounds of song birds
Kept intruding
Not one or two but many
Singing their chorus
Color Disrupting my noble quest
Or were they?

Comments: Sometimes we are so busy following form that we miss for what we are looking.
The Return Home
Elysium, your floral fields await our return
For now, but faint memories drifting into our dreams.
Though we walk the fields of earth
And revel in her bounteous gifts.
Still, we peer into the clear night sky,
Asking questions and thoughts of "Why."
For we sense that we will again return,
To those dreamlike memories of old.
And as we walk through those most ancient fields --
We will know indeed that we have returned home.

Comments: At the crossover, we will know we are home.
Why Me?

"Why me? Why me?"
We sometimes ask.
When things don't go
As planned

"Why me? Why me?"
Is seldom asked
When the sun is shining
and the sky is bright

When looking at
Life's master scheme
Perhaps we should ask
"Why not me?"


Quiet moments
Are like an oasis
Nurturing the soul
With the waters of peace

Comments: Both poems were written following surgery and a lengthy recovery. Somehow, many believe that if they are leading a ‘good life’ that they should be exempted from the trials and tribulations. Regrettably, I have never found that so. What I have found though is that how you perceive these experiences greatly impacts your reactions and ultimately, your well being. Also, that the 'well being' is greatly enhanced by times of 'quiet.'
Be About
We know not what the future holds
We know only our dreams
Whether the two shall ever meet
Only Time will eventually unfold
So be about your dreams
For the journey is so short
Luxuriate, revel, and hold on
Never letting go
For somewhere in the future
When we give a backward glance
It will be the dreams fulfilled
That will bring smiles to our lips
And lilt to our steps

Comments: Again, a favorite topic - dreams. They are so important to our lives. I wrote this poem for a young woman who is in the process of making an important life decisions. Obviously, you see my bias.
Just A Kid
Some say that sixty is old.
It is definitely older than fifty-eight.
Or forty-eight or thirty-eight for that matter
But age is really in the mind
For after all we are eternal.
What are sixty years in the span of eternity?
They are but droplets in the pool of time
So when next you are feeling old
Remember you are but a kid
In the timeless scheme of things
Comments: This poem was written to a dear friend on her 60th. She was feeling so old...