Obviously, from the November issue of the Poetical Journal


Enjoy a pictorial trip through early fall in Utah and Ohio.


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• Opening Comments by Bob

• Two Poems: Stellar Eventsand Ego's Senseless Thoughts

• Vignette this Month: A Moment of Thanks


    Music welcomed us at the Sundance Fall Festival
    Opening Comments from Bob

Beyond Time and Back: Epic Journey: My novel is available via Amazon. It contains stories of deep passion and love. Follow two lovers throughout time as they search for answers. A great love story unfolds through the pages. Trust me, you will never be bored. The sequel will be out in the spring, Judgment: An Epic Journey.

This Page: On this page we enjoy late fall pictures of Utah, mainly at the Sundance Ski Resort, and a few from a recent visit to Ohio. The two poems this month are Stellar Events and Ego's Senseless Thoughts. Both convey a familiar message. The vignette is appropriate for this time of year, A Moment of Thanks. There is also the traditional content that appears in each issue. I hope you enjoy!

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.Two Poems

Stellar Events

I am seated at V & M
    on a gorgeous fall day.
Amber takes my order
    for its famous fish sandwich.
The home fries and coleslaw
    are second to none.

As I wait,
    my thoughts drift
    to the delightful drive
    along quiet roads
    canopied with reds and oranges.
Frequent stops occurred
    as I tried to capture
    the impossible
    through the camera lens.

By pure luck
    the Apple Valley Poets
    had changed their meeting date.
From here, I head there
    to share, discuss,
    and renew friendships.

For many
    such moments
    are not stellar.
But for me,
    life doesn’t get any better.

Comments: Sometimes the simple events are the most rewarding and become a time of Thanksgiving.



Ego's Senseless Thoughts

The tattoos
on that heavy set man
disgust me.
I pray that he doesn’t sit
next to me on the plane.

There’s another.
Why doesn’t he get
a haircut?

Boy, she carries
a ton of weight.

Look at her–
thin as a rail.

Judging all day long–
boosting the ego,
making one feel superior.

How much of life
do we waste
on these senseless judgments?

How much better
the world would be
if they ceased.

Comment: I am sure you don't but sometimes I find myself making ridiculous judgments based simply on appearance. Later, I find them often inaccurate.

Riding one of Sundance chairlifts


Really in the thick of things


Last vestige of fall, Clear Fork Reservoir, Ohio


A quiet resting place, Fairview Cemetery, Galion, OH. My parents and grandparents rest here and so will I someday.

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Fall festival at Sundance

What a luncheon view from the top of one of the Sundance chairlifts

Vignette this Month: A Moment of Thanks

We all lead busy lives caught up in the humdrum of daily events. Sometimes the mere stop at a stoplight has the stomach churning because one is running late.

I once heard a true story that describe many of us. A group of western tourists were visiting a rural village in India. For the villagers, this was the first time they had seen such a group. Toward the end of the visit, an older woman asked the tour guide what was the name of the god that the tourists wore on their wrists. She continued how all were always looking at the god's face. Yes, we sometimes become a slave to the watch and meetings we schedule far too often.

During this period of Thanksgiving take a moment to offer gratitude for the time we have been given and the privilege to walk this magnificent earth.

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My effort at a series of shots of the Blood Moon


V & M Restaurant, Bellville, OH: Faithful readers of this newsletter know that I really enjoy this small, family-run restaurant. It has been recommended several times. The food is not fancy but good with a huge local following. You will always receive friendly service. If you eat there, tell Shawn that Poet Bob sent you.

Take time to give thanks!

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Views from the Sundance chairlift
. . . more
. . . and more
Above and below: From the top of the chairlift


Annual scarecrow display for charity at the Homestead Resort
Along a country road in Ohio
Another along a country road in Ohio
Though a cloudy day still a decent shot–near Malabar Farm, Ohio



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