This issue continues the pictorial focus on spring in Utah.



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  • Two Poems: In Memory of Hansel and Meditation 3
  • Vignette this Month: Birthdays
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    ................................................ It's Spring!

    Opening Comments from Bob

This Page – Spring 2 in Utah: This issue continues our focus on spring in Utah. The two poems, In Memory of Hansel and Meditation 3 speak about spiritual and emotional topics. As long as we are alive, birthdays come and go. My vignette discusses that annual event. I trust you will enjoy.

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A field of yellow below the Wasatch Mountains

.Two Poems

In Memory of Hansel

“No one loves me!”
      my soul screams.
I long to discover
      this elusive jewel
      but much blocks my way.
How can I scale
      the impenetrable mountains
      in my path
      or ford the rapids
      that will surely take me under.
But then, the snowy white bird
      perched high in the tree
      beckons, “Follow me.”
At last, I am at peace.

Comment: If you have read the Grimm's version of the fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel, this poem will make more sense. If you remember Hansel and Gretel were unloved by their stepmother and the father took them to the woods and tied them up. They broke free. Eventually, they reached safety due to the white bird after their horrible run-in with the evil witch. Even if you do not know the story, you can still deduce a clear interpretation without having read the story. The white bird in the poem can symbolize a variety of ethereal or real entities.

Meditation 3

The sounds of water
      flowing from one fountain bowl
      to the other
      calm the mind.

Ever so slowly
      thoughts travel to a rippling brook
      where quietness dwells,
      and the water cools
      tired feet.

Later, drifting deeper within,
      the life-force cascades
      through the rivers and tributaries
      of my life.
      I inhale and exhale
      embracing these gifts.

Comment: No comment needed.

Flowers in bloom.


Just outside our house


Some of my tai chi students enjoying a Chinese feast following our local celebration of World Tai Chi & Qigong Day on April 30.

A glorious spring day in Midway.
A glorious spring day in Midway.

Vignette this Month: Birthdays

Today is my birthday (the 29th). This coincidence has occurred twice since I started publishing this newsletter. Many prefer to ignore or are even unhappy about this annual life event. As my sisters will verify that previous statement does not describe me. My rationale, the alternative of not being able to celebrate is not an option I would choose. Even some individuals who have superb faith about the hereafter and are in good health, prefer life versus death. Barring all these statements, I still love a celebration including attending others' birthdays. My mother turns ninety-three on June 7. Thus, we will be back in Ohio and celebrate it a few days early. Anywhere from ten to eighteen will join to honor this amazing woman's life.

What happens between childhood and adulthood? Think of how much the young child enjoys his or her birthday. My three-year old granddaughter looks forward to her party days in advance. Well the obvious response is that we grow up and life becomes more sober. Most can't let go and become a child for a few hours and simply enjoy the event. Yes, I realize I am speaking in generalities, but many I know prefer to let the day pass with minimal fanfare. However, that is only partially true with my family. If we fail to call on a birthday and not sing, there is all you know what to pay.

Recognizing someone's birthday is one way to recognize the importance of that individual's life. You are saying, "That person matters."

I currently teach tai chi in a senior living center. One thing that I have become acutely aware, birthdays are important there. Perhaps the elderly no longer fear letting go. Some would argue they become more childlike. However, I would disagree with that. I would argue that they recognize what is important.

To all of you out there who are celebrating your birthday today, my wish to you is that much happiness and peace accompany you on this special day and likewise, the days to come. Happy Birthday!

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.............................................Crabapple trees in blossom at our townhouse complex


Three Places to Dine in My Area

If you are ever out my way, here are three enjoyable places to dine. The Back 40 (sorry, no web site) in Midway and 501 on Main in Park City (Pictured: Upstairs during low season). Both offer fresh, homemade style foods. 501on Maine provides a variety of vegetarian options including vegan ones.

Feldman's Deli in in Salt Lake: If you enjoy authentic, traditional Jewish deli, then you will love this place.


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Townhouse flower box

And more . . .

Red rocks near the Wyoming boarder on I-80


Some of the Local Participants in our Heber City / Midway World Tai Chi and Qigong Day on Saturday, April 30, 2016



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