UTAH Master List

Welcome to the master page for my sojourn in Utah. You are in for a treat not only with poetry but also pictures and recommendations for this beautiful state.

These pages deal with life after my move to the state. Earlier pictures, poems, and recommendations appear under the Park City designation.
  • Westward Ho Trip 1 – June, 2013 (This page deals with the first trip as part of our move. Travels took us via I-90 and I-80. Enjoy this scenic trip along with two poems, An Absolute Truth and V & M Breakfast)
  • Westward Ho Trip 2 – July, 2013 (Trip 2 was the final move. Enjoy traveling I-80 and three poems The Free Homestead Concert, An Ode to the Movers, and Is it broken?
  • Westward Ho September in Midway – This page includes four poems Ride 1 Utah, A Special Tour Package, Hellos and Good-byes, and An Ode to Carol's Peach Cobbler plus a vignette and recommendations.
  • Westward Ho October in Midway – This page includes four poems September Ride, October Ride, Sights Seen, and Waiting Room plus a vignette and recommendations.
  • Westward Ho Springtime and Gardens This page are four poems, Altitude Perspective, Late Spring Snow, Early May Ride, and The Marathon, gorgeous pictures of Thanksgiving Gardens, and a vignette regarding them.
  • Westward Ho East and Back We traveled back to Ohio in May to celebrate a BIG birthday. The vignette speaks to the celebration. Three poems are included on this page along with some recommendations. The poem titles are Understanding, Oww, aah, ouch!, and Not Just Another Day on the Trail.
  • Westward Ho – Spring in Midway – Enhancing the Sun, Comfort, and Leave me alone! are three of poems on this page. The vignette is about tai chi and its many benefits. There are spring pictures of the Midway area along with others. There is also a Midway restaurant recommendation.
  • Westward Ho – Pictorial Summary for 2015There are two poems, Who I've Become and Seatbelt On, and the vignette, What a difference 14 years make! There are also some recommendations. There are also some of my favorite pictures taken during 2015.
  • Westward H0 – The Tulip Festival – Enjoy a floral smorgasbord. The two poems are Where does the trail lead? and Home Church, and the vignette discusses familiarity.
  • Westward H0 – Springtime in Midway The pictorial focus is on spring in the Midway area of Utah. This issue contains two poems, In Memory of Hansel and Meditation 3. Both are rather spiritual in nature. Since May is my birthday month, the vignette focuses on Birthdays. Enjoy!
  • Westward H0 – Early Fall The pictorial focus is on early fall (20160 in the Midway area of Utah. This issue contains two poems, Our Books and The Tao. Both are spiritual in nature. There is also a vignette, The 17th World Congress, an interesting read.
  • Westward H0 – Fall (October) The focus is on fall (October) in Utah. This issue contains the largest number of pictures in the history of this newsletter. There are two poems, No Time and Flight 5305, the first serious and the second a bit tongue in cheek. The vignette discusses a mountain high along with a bonus third poem. The recommendation is a bit more involved than usual..
  • Westward H0 – Christmas 2016 There is only one poem, My Christmas Carol and a brief vignette. However, there are some other beautiful items to view including the light display in downtown Salt Lake City.
  • Westward Ho – New Year Pictorial Summary – Enjoy pictures taken over the last year, PJ Year15. I always choose some of my favorites. I also list the issue in which they appeared. The three poems are Lost in Time, Silent Music, and Asking For. Each in its own way speaks to the mystical. The vignette speaks to family.
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